Sonia Olla


By Sonia Olla is born from the hands of an artist that feels creative unrest and has the necessity to express her art within the world of fashion. With this, Sonia Olla gives birth to her fashion brand characterized by Spanish essence.

The main inspiration for the By Sonia Olla Brand is based in Flamenco, without setting aside the numerous cultural influences, and if there is one concept that defines the brand, it’s the insatiable creative unrest to discover and find fuel from the surrounding world. Because of this, her creations stand alone as the unification of Southern Spanish tradition & artistry with contemporary design.

Concept / Philosophy

The Brand Essence is Flamenco. Flamenco in its full entirety with all its facets: the return to its roots, its artistry, from the embroidery to the crocheted elements. Just as the female figure is the center of her own universe, mixing her culture, strength, and sensuality, these emblematic characteristics dress the women of the 21st century: from her inception to her true condition, defying all the stereotypes of frailty & weakness but instead providing security, candor, & a strong character to confront life.